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Why App Development Is Vital to The Success Of Your Ecommerce Business

app development

Ecommerce is an exploding industry with a booming projected CAGR of over 24% through 2020, and with that comes an array of opportunities for entrepreneurs to capitalize on. But the question remains: how do you create a successful eCommerce business? With all the different skills needed from marketing to merchandising, there’s one that’s often overlooked: app development.

Why do you need an app for your eCommerce business?

You might notice that some large online stores don’t have a mobile app. This is because, since the introduction of smartphones, shopping from your phone has become more and more popular. A study found that about 40% of all eCommerce sales happen on a mobile device.

Parallel to this, over 73% of shoppers say they would rather use their phone than the computer to shop– even if they are sitting at their desk.

If you want to be able to allow these people to shop with you, it makes sense to build an app for them.

How to choose the right platform for your needs?

If you are considering developing an app for your eCommerce business, it is important to choose the platform that will best suit your needs. There are a variety of platforms from which you can choose, but some of the most popular ones include Android, iOS, and Windows. Each platform has its pros and cons, so it is important to consider what features you need most before making this decision.

What are some of the most popular eCommerce applications?

Some of the most popular eCommerce applications are Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter. These platforms have millions of users and can be used to generate traffic for a business with content that is picked up by other social media platforms.


In conclusion, app development is important for all businesses. The article mentioned two reasons why app development is a necessary part of your success as a company. Building an app will increase the number of users on your platform and make it easier for customers to use your products and services.

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